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Established in 1982, Tower Scaffold was the foundation of our business. Starting off as a home business with just a handful of employees, we have now grown to a multi office international company. Despite our growth, we stick true to our roots and always treat our customers with the greates levels of professionalism. Exercising the highest levels of safety, professionalism and quality, give us a call for your next project big or small, we’ll be happy to help.


Since our inception, we at Tower have commited ourselves to the ongoing introduction of new and innovative scaffolding products and techniques. Using system scaffolding allows us to provide versatile, adaptable, economical and most of all safe solutions to a wide range of work access challanges.

PGA St. Georges  Toronto, Ontario
PGA St. Georges  Toronto, Ontario


We take safety seriously. We are fully certified CSTS WHIMIS WHMO and conduct rigous safety test and training to ensure the higest level of safety and care before during and proceeding the event.


We understand that an event is experience and a construction site is a reflection of care and commitment. That’s why we endure to be best in we do and ensure that all of our sites and builds are mainted and executed to highest levels of proffesionalism. 

PGA St. Georges  Toronto, Ontario
Quebec Summer Festival
Roof Enclosure  Port Weller, Ontario
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